Artist Bio
I was born in Switzerland and moved to Australian in 1999. I now live on the beautiful NSW Mid-North Coast. I'm a self-taught artist, who has been inspired by art therapy and Zentangle inspired patterns (tangles) through my work as Family Therapist and Child Life Therapist, as well as inspiring colleagues who influenced my work. Over time, my drawings began to take a life of their own with bright colours, glitter paint, gold and silver lines, black tangles superimposed on a painted background, etc. I particularly enjoy an intuitive way of creating. I like the fact that when I start an artwork, I never know what the outcome will be until I get the sense of it being finished. My projects are constantly evolving.
The series of artworks I am currently working on are paintings using alcohol inks on non-porous substances (ceramic tiles, metal jewellery, glassware etc.) and Yupo paper, which is a synthetic, tree-free, bio-degradable paper that lends itself to interesting colour patterns. I love the intuitive flow of the inks. If you'd like a particular colour scheme for one of the items, I can custom make it for you. Or if you want decorative tiles for your next home renovation, I'm able to incorporate your request. Please contact me through my website.
Of course, Zentangle inspired drawings and paintings continue to be my mindfulness journey.