My intuitive journey


Mindfulness, in its different forms, has been a part of most of my life. My art is about going with the flow, "one stroke at a time". It's about being in the moment, being curious about the outcome. What I enjoy about this way of  working is that it is fun and full of surprises. It means, there…(continue reading)

My latest project

Two weeks ago I met a Zentangle certified instructor with whom I spent a day Zentangling. This was most inspiring. So, you'll see some more Zentangle inspired drawings from me in the near future. All my artworks are also available as prints that can be shipped worldwide. Contact me for more info. Looking…(continue reading)

Jewellery and other painted craft items

In the past weeks I have been creating some beautiful terra cotta diffuser pendants on a leather band. These pendants can be infused with the essential oil of your choice and the scent is right there for you to benefit. I have small samples of oils that can go with them to make beautiful gifts…(continue reading)

Alcohol ink on Yupo

I've been having fun creating new artworks using alcohol inks on Yupo, a synthetic, tree -free, bio-degradable paper, which I am thoroughly enjoying. It's a very intuitive way of working, as the interaction of the ink on the yupo has its own way of flowing. Patience is helpful as I noticed how wet ink…(continue reading)


In my last blog, I wrote about an art work I had started nearly a year ago and which came into my hands again about two months ago. I had a fresh look at it, new ideas emerged and new creativity came to my imagination when I looked at it. Not all Artliners work well on acrylic paint and…(continue reading)