My intuitive journey

Postcard Co-Lab

About a month ago, I happened to see a small write up in our local newspaper with the heading:
"Send a postcard of art". The caption read "be part of an antiquated shake up and make connections with artists from different reaches from all over the Australian landscape". It had a phone number and an email address. The cost for participation was AUD$35. It looked appealing and something different. I contacted them and signed up. It is a postcard exchange project, promoting each artist and their website. It also promotes art to new audiences and builds new connections via a limited edition zine. The write-up was calling for creatives to take part in a snail mail art sharing experiment. The project involves creating a work of art on a postcard. A blank postcard is sent by snail mail to each artist. Once the work of art is finished, the artist sends it back by 15 March 2016. The original work of art is sent to another artist by the organisers. So, each artist receives back an original that was created by someone else :-)
Each art work will appear on their website,  after the 15th.
This is my creation:

 I called it "Reptiles in Contemplation". The colours are more vibrant than in this photo as I used glitter pens, silver and gold ink.
Have a look at the Postcard Co-Lab website above, especially towards the end of March when all the artworks will be on their website and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.