My intuitive journey


Mindfulness, in its different forms, has been a part of most of my life.
My art is about going with the flow, "one stroke at a time". It's about being in the moment, being curious about the outcome. What I enjoy about this way of  working is that it is fun and full of surprises. It means, there are no mistakes. If something unexpected happens in my creation, or something I think should have been different, I can use it to my advantage and create something around and with that so-called mistake. It's fun and relaxing, as nothing can go wrong.
"Gathering Minutiae" - This painting was selected for exhibition at  the "Confluence" exhibition at the Manning Regional Art Gallery from 18 Nov 2016 to 15 Jan 2017.
One style of my artworks is strongly inspired by Zentangle. I have been fortunate to have had private sessions with a Certified Zentangle Instructor in Sydney, that have helped progress my work.
The other influence has been June Rollins Alcohol Ink Dreamscapes. Alcohol Ink washes on non-porous surfaces lend themselves to intuitive, spontaneous work. The inks have a way of flowing, blending and blooming in unexpected ways which give inspiration to the subject matter of the painting. I'm also participating in alcohol ink workshops by a leading local artist.
"The Manning at Dusk" - Alcohol Ink on Yupo
On my website I can only have 5 paintings visible at any one time with the current website plan I'm on, So, I'm inviting you to either contact me to see other works or check out my Instagram page brunner.ruth (see above banner) or visit my website again regularly. I endeavour to rotate my paintings often. Thanks for visiting my website and hope to hear from you.